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Our Artists


Steve Harris

Steve Harris was born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1953 and is self-taught as an artist. He moved with his wife Karen and two daughters to Australia in 1991 and now resides in Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

“Harris has become well known for his impeccably painted still life…Read more->

Maricha Oxley

Maricha Oxley has carved and painted for as long as she can remember.  Maricha’s love of art and sculpture started when she was a young child in the Philippines and Spain when she started carving cakes of soap as a 5 year old….. Read More->

Randall Sinnamon

Randall Sinnamon works in the mediums of sculpture, drawing, painting, and assemblage. His artwork reflects nature, social behaviour, forgotten objects, and personal experiences…Read More->

Graeme Chapman 

Graeme Chapman spent most of his working life as Field Ornithologist and Photographer with the CSIRO Division of Wildlife Research, mainly in Canberra but also in Perth. He is now one of Australia’s most well-known and respected wildlife photographers, specialising mainly in birds and spends much of his time travelling with his wife Pam around the country, often in remote places, in search of rare and endangered species….Read More->

George Kurtelov 

Born 1960 Immigrated to Australia 1995


1976 – 1979 Study Iconography & Frescoes 1979 Study at FLU Belgrade 1st year only 2013 Diploma in Visual Arts – Wollongong West TAFE…Read More;

James Ainslie

James Ainslie – modern realism / abstract Artist

James Ainslie’s preferred palette is acrylic paint on paper, with the occasional use of mixed media.
His forte is modern realism, although he also produces abstract art…Read more->

Allan Baptist

Born in 1950 Sydney Australia, Allan Baptist has been painting and drawing for over 50 years since the age of three.He spent 26 years in primary school education and Principalship and has served as an independent art consultant and Arts Manager with Local government from 1997 – 2008…Read more->

Joanne Paquette

Hi, I’m Joanne Paquette I live on the beautiful south coast of NSW in Jervis Bay. My passion for photography came from spending most of my life in this amazing place and wanting to share what I see and experience every day…Read More->

Max Horst

Max Horst Sokolowski is a highly trained & full-time contemporary Australian painter having completed a Master Degree at the European Academy of Arts in 1997 who generally paints under the name Max Horst…Read More->

Ann Dunbar

Ann Dunbar is an award winning artist, born and educated in UK, now living and working in France full time on her art. She has developed an original style and technique over ten years to find her unique expression and signature….Read More->

Richard Morecroft

Richard Morecroft may be best known for his work on television – however he has been exhibiting his distinctive vertical landscape photographs for several years. Some of his works hang in the collection of Parliament House in Canberra…Read More->

Olivia Alexander

Francesco Crisanto

Francesco Crisanto, born Naples, Italy, 30th January, 1965. Family migrated to Australia in 1969. As a young boy, “Frank” became fascinated with the Native American Indians when he was introduced to toy figurines of “Cowboys and Indians”. Later, some of Hollywood’s western movies attracted him to the culture/history of the Native American. He was particularly inspired by movies such as : “Cheyenne Autumn” (Richard Widmark, Ricardo Montalban ), “The Searches” Read more->