Ann Dunbar

Multi-awarded experimental artist

This is My Story

Ann Dunbar is an award winning artist, born and educated in UK, now living and working in France full time on her art. She has developed an original style and technique over ten years to find her unique expression and signature. The distinctive marrying of techniques on paper together with the elegance and charm of fine embroidery, brings enchantment to her compositions inspired by “la dame nature”.
Born in Hampshire, England, Ann was encouraged by her parents and teachers to pursue her artistic ability as young as thirteen. She was offered a place at Art college after her schooling but she was advised by her parents to obtain a teachers diploma, which she finalised in 1975. Also at that time, she won first prize at a competition in Streatham, London, then she attended West Surrey college of Art from 1975-78. Ann taught in schools and colleges for sixteen years before she worked as an artist in her own right.
Due to her husband’s relocation, she moved to Paris, France, making the most of her surroundings and taking part in the famous Parisian salons, where she acquired awards and medals.
Her art has enabled her to travel the world and she enjoys making a body of work inspired by these travels. Visits to cambodia, Japan, India and China has broadened her usuage of materials such as gold leaf, interference medium, metal threads and bolder colours in contrast to the softer backgrounds.
Artists such as Turner and Monet, Redon, van Gogh and Oriental art are the
principal influencers to her art.

Artists statement:
The effect of light plays an important role in my creations. The enchantment of stitching embroidery on to painted grounds on paper, is the magic which brings the compositions alive with rich textural details. The translucent, ethereal backgrounds worked in water mediums provides the atmosphere and the ambiance to the subject.