Francesco Crisanto

Native American Indians

This is My Story

Francesco Crisanto, born Naples, Italy, 30th January, 1965. Family migrated to Australia in 1969. As a young boy, “Frank” became fascinated with the Native American Indians when he was introduced to toy figurines of “Cowboys and Indians”. Later, some of Hollywood’s western movies attracted him to the culture/history of the Native American. He was particularly inspired by movies such as : “Cheyenne Autumn” (Richard Widmark, Ricardo Montalban ), “The Searches” ( John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Natalie Wood )“The White Feather” ( Jeffrey Hunter, Robert Wagner )“A man called horse”, (Richard Harris)And later “Dances with Wolves” (Kevin Costner) “I think I was a Sioux or Cheyenne warrior in my previous life.I always felt like crying when the Indians died.As a child, I had my little toy figurines of cowboys and Indians.So when I played with them, I always made sure the Indians would win.Years later, as a father I found the similar toy figurines in toy shops and introduced them to my 3 sons. I enjoyed watching the boys play as I did as a child. My boy’s learned the stories of the Native Americans mainly the “plains Indians. This is where the idea of making the Tee Pee’s came, to house the Indian figurines”. The Tee Pee: “Significant with the “plains Indians”,The a symbol of strength, The lodge of hunters and warriors,The great spirits of the Buffalo hide,The spiritual fortress.The Inspiration………… “My inspiration came from some of the great Movies, documentaries and books I have seen and read. Painter such as Frederic Remington, Early Photographer like Edward S Curtis. I think at one point I overdosed on anything with Native American theme. So much knowledge about their history, paintings, photos of the plains Indians in all their colorful war bonnets and buckskin clothing set the stage for the work I created. Each Tee Pee is different.Many models were made, enhancements along the way, different patterns and easier ways planning, preparing of making them was always on my mind. Today, the finished product stands before me. Frank has purchased many Native American artifacts and has a good collection where they are on display in his home.Other works, include Ceremonial Shields and drawings of Native Americans.