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The framing at Shoalhaven fine art aims to provide a structurally stable and chemically inert environment in order to display and preserve the beauty and value of an artwork or object of interest. It protects the (art) object from harmful factors such as air pollution and UV light, whilst also minimising the problems caused by the possible deterioration and off-gassing of the object itself. This is achieved through the careful selection of appropriate framing materials and considered frame construction.In addition to these preventative conservation framing procedures, Shoalhaven fine art we also examines and evaluates the condition of your artwork and can advise on its suitability for framing in its current state. When it is advisable to treat or repair an artwork/object ahead of it being framed, Shoalhaven fine art can facilitate this work to take place.


Football Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Athletics Vests, T Shirts, Polo Shirts we can frame them all. Whether you want an elaborate frame with photos and memorabilia inside or just a simple job makes no difference.  We frame a lot of Sports Shirts for auctions and usually these are needed quickly. Give us a call with your requirements. When producing a proper display frame for your sports shirt we only use a hand stitching process.  We do not use any glues or adhesive tapes to hold the shirt in place. Where necessary (or possible) the shirt may also be pressed into shape. By following these rigorous disciplines the integrity of the shirt will be maintained so that should the shirt ever be taken out of the frame it will be in its original state. Also available are Sports Shirts’ hanging frames for you to hang the shirt yourself.  These frames are substantial, good looking frames and yet represent an economical alternative to a full shirt framing service. Not got a shirt to frame but something else? Maybe a special pair of boots, a football, a cricket bat or ball or something from another sport


About Tru Vue framing glass

Tru Vue sets the standard in high-performance glazing that enhances and protects.

From design and conservation in custom frame shops, to museums and galleries across the globe, to anti-reflective custom coatings for commercial applications, Tru Vue is known as a leader and innovator in the protection and conservation of all things framed and displayed.

Whether it’s Museum Glass®, Conservation Clear®, or Optium® Acrylic Glazing, no other company has such a complete portfolio of high-performance glazing options as Tru Vue.

Only Tru Vue offers glazing products specifically developed to meet preservation standards. Tru Vue Conservation Grade glass and acrylic products provide up to 99% UV blocking capabilities and surpass the 97% UV standard.**

For the very best glazing choices available, look to Museum Glass® and Optium Museum Acrylic®. These Conservation Grade UV products offer up to 99% UV protection from the irreversible damage caused by light exposure while offering maximum anti-reflective viewing for amazing clarity.

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