Mirror Framing

We are making mirrors all the time for people that realise mirrors can transform a room or dark corner. Put a mirror in a dim, narrow hallway and see how it appears lighter and more spacious. Open up a small bathroom, shower room or cloakroom by strategically placing mirrors or filling a whole wall. We can supply framed or un-framed mirrors.

Framed Mirrors

We can make you a plain or bevelled edge new mirror in almost any of our mouldings, which means you choose how your mirror looks and what size it is.  Don’t be limited with what you see in the shops, design your own and it usually costs no more than something factory made which is never quite what you want.

Over-Mantle Mirrors

Over-Mantle Mirrors are still popular, particularly in period properties. They come in pre-made sizes in either gold or silver gold colours.

Un-framed Mirrors

We can supply plain or bevelled edge, un-framed mirrors with polished edges to put up on any flat wall. Mirror adhesives have come a long way and now offer a superb alternative to having to have screw heads going through the face of the mirror. Glueing a mirror to a wall offers such a clear surface for cleaning and unobstructed aesthetic view.

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