Richard Morecroft

Landscape Photographer

This is My Story


Richard Morecroft may be best known for his work on television – however he has been exhibiting his distinctive vertical landscape photographs for several years. Some of his works hang in the collection of Parliament House in Canberra.


Richard’s photographs are richly textured explorations of structure and pattern in the natural world, from deserts and rainforests to majestic rock formations. His vividly coloured and dramatically composed images suggest the energy of abstract paintings and create a sense of immersion in the natural landscape.  

“I try to make my photographs trace the pathway of the eye from the detail at your feet to the distance of the horizon”, Richard says. “Everything stays in focus to emphasize that every part of the environment is important and interconnected”.

Richard hopes his images encourage people to think about the structure of the world we live in.

 “I’m fascinated by the processes which produce pattern in geological and biological environments” he says. “As you examine the detail, you can see repeated motifs, like variations on a musical theme. Erosion, sedimentation, fractal patterns of vegetation growth or mineral formation – there’s a clear sense of common forces at work; universal rules of structure from micro to macro.”

Since leaving ABC television news in 2002, Richard has lived – with his partner, painter and writer Alison Mackay, on a bush property near Jervis Bay. Surrounded by eucalyptus and melaleuca forest, they have worked to make their land more wildlife-friendly, planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs to provide shelter and blossoms for birds and many other animals, from swamp wallabies to black snakes and cockatoos.

As well as working in recent years hosting conferences around the country for a range of business groups and other organisations, Richard has held regular photographic exhibitions in NSW, as well as galleries in Melbourne and Adelaide.